SME Beach Hangout



Social Impact Creators present "SMEBeach Hangout" to connect *young people with creative ideas and social impact innovators to each other in a fun way.

The Hangout is OPEN to all persons interested in having good fun and creating connection with youths who are creating impact

The small business (or ideas) networking  isn't just about making contacts and exchanging business cards. In today's global economy, small business networking is about reducing your operating costs. It's about reacting quickly to changing markets and customer needs. It's about meeting and gisting ideas and business innovations with people and connecting them to your ideas or products.

Informal Face-to-face business networking with other entrepreneurs is an important part of being a successful small business owner. Not only can informal business networking help you grow your customer base and generate referrals, but it can also provide numerous opportunities for learning, development, and growth.

That is Why you shouldn't miss SME Beach Hangout at Tarkwa Bay.. Come and mingle with small start-ups, existing social innovators...make friends with them.... Gist innovative ideas with them in a fun way... Side Attractions

(The Hangout is open to all Social Impact Creators)

Boast Cruise, Food, Games, Music, Dance, SME hookup , And lots of fun..

Don't miss it

Date 25th of August

Time 9am

Fee #4000

*Discount for Early Birds*

DM 08096426809 for booking and to join the WhatsApp Group Or send an email [email protected] 

These hangout is in partnership with Business Skills Certififed (BSC), BenShada:Marketplace, BevibezMedia.

And you can connect with WEVO on social media 

Twitter and IG: @wevo_5

Facebook : WEVO 

creating connection with good fun

Event Dates

August 25, 2018 @9:00 am
August 25, 2018 @5:00 pm


Tarkwa Bay, Lagos Island

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