What we have in the box.

User Friendly

High sales and traffic conversion due to the simplicity introduced. This is evident in the contact-time analysis of ticket buyers; average of 1.5 minutes.

Detailed Analytics

We give you access to the behavior of your users. This will help you plan your events, and give you insight on how your tickets are selling.

Simple Setup

Integrating EventSure to your website or blog is as easy as copy 'n' paste. We've made it so simple that zero I.T or programming knowledge is required.

Daily Payout

The money for tickets sold is paid at the end of each day. So you don't have to wait till the end of the event before you get your money. Yes, we mean it!

Flexible Commission

Our commission is the lowest you can get anywhere! We are always proud to say that, because we believe in "Solve the problem first!...". Commissions are applied on event basis. There is always room for negotiation :-)

Affiliate Management

Hire a promoter and get your events on the lips of all. Leave the aspect of cash disbursement to your promoters to us, we have that covered also. So focus on your event!

100% Support

Enjoy free support 24/7. We follow you up till your event succeed, b'cos we believe we are in this together.

Event Page

Aside the integration to any platform of your choice, we have a dedicated event page for you. So, if you don't have a website or blog, be our guest.

Want to be a promoter?

Join the army of our promoters, help event organizers sell tickets and get paid for doing so. You simply create a promoter account, state your commission and get hired by event organizers. Now, that's how to make some cool cash!

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